Avalonwsties West Highland White Terriers

About Us

How We Started


We are located in the inner suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia where our beloved West Highland White Terrier (Westies) are part of our family and reside in our home.  They like nothing more than to watch TV, lounge around on our sofas or check out the back garden.


After losing our beloved pet Rottweiler at the age of 12 years we had a short break from animal ownership.  Following lots of research we discovered Westies would suit our lifestyle because they are small in stature, could accompany us to many of the coffee shops we frequented and do not shed  hair.  We were after a dog that displayed a ‘big dog’ attitude in a little body so the Westie became the breed of our choice.


We bought our first Westie “Tavish” from a pet breeder in Salisbury who also gave us his pedigree papers and because of this we decided it may be fun to exhibit him in conformation shows.  This was the beginning of a steep learning curve for us because there is a lot of work in the presentation of the breed which involves conformation, coat preparation and structure.


Little Tavish proved to be more of a pet than a show dog which then led us to acquire and breed show quality Westies around Australia and New Zealand.


Since Tavish all our dogs have been championed and we are motivated to pursue excellence in our breeding programs.